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Monday, 7 June 2010

It's been a busy old week!

Hi all!

We've had a busy week here, have had a new order every day and of course the sun was shining last week so we spent some time out & about enjoying that too!

Orders are all nearly complete, posted 1 on Friday, have 3 to post out today & 1 bulk order of 3 cushions to deliver to the shop tomorrow, just need to finish them tonight, busy busy busy!

Bertie monkey is at his new home, and has been renamed 'Jedi Poo Poo Head' - I haven't told libby this as I'm sure it would lead to an interesting toilet related name for Daisy, and I don't think my hubby would cope lol!

We had plenty of lovely sunshine on Friday & Saturday so we spent our time enjoying that - including a train journey, ferry trip, picnics, ice-cream, paddling pools & factor 50! Yesterday I went to stock up on supplies to finish these orders, and then we went to watch the hubby sailing on the lake.......was a bit drizzly when we got down there, but we wrapped up warm & put our wellies on :D

Anyway, thats all for now.........will be finishing my order for the shop tonight so will try to get some pics up later/ tomorrow as it is a new design, the customer has commissioned me to make a set of 3 'tree silhouette' cushions - hoping the design & make plan comes together. Wish me luck!

Em x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sock Monkeys!!

Meet Daisy & 'The Twins' (Libby has named them Bertie & Collie but I'm sure their names will be changed when they are re-homed)......Libby has become very attached to daisy, they dance together, eat together & she has read her a bedtime story for the last 2 nights!

Bertie is packed up ready to be sent off to a friend, but Collie is yet to be allocated a new home, for now, Libby is looking after him, but she told me tonight he was a naughty monkey & kept talking to her whilst she was trying to get to sleep - she was up till 9pm when she's normally asleep by 7.30pm so I think I need to rehome him pretty soon!

I've just finished a personalised order for my MadeByEm site, so am about to catch up with Junior apprentice with a cup of Earl Grey, then its time for bed!

Night all,
Em x