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Monday, 31 May 2010

All in all.....it's been productive!

So, not a bad day today - I managed to finish the aprons & get them delivered to the shop.....the Craft Fair at Coronation Gardens was fab! Such a lovely bustling atmosphere, lots of familiar faces & some lovely stuff on the stalls......'twas such a success that I hear they are making it a more regular event - 1st Sunday of every month was mentioned - that would be great!

3.5 out of the 4 items of furniture we aimed to build have been built! We just need some screws for the cotbed rails & we're done - chest of drawers, bookshelf & table are all up & ready........loving how Libby's room is changing & how welcoming she is of having the new baby in with her - she actually cried when we told her that baby would have to be in with us initially due to waking & crying in the night and needing milk.....she's just so excited to a big sister (for now at least!)

We even managed a food shop, I've just bought a new pack of socks to make some more sock monkeys, might do them tonight as I feel a night in the lounge with my hubby is more inviting than a night on my own in the dining room sewing at my machine - will do the pirate ships tomorrow instead!

It's been a really lovely day, the TV has been off since 9am, we've reorganised upstairs & built furniture as a family and Libby has been in a very happy mood - if only every day could be like today (well, maybe not with the building furniture part lol).

Anyway, best go & put Libby to bed ready for our dinner to arrive - we feel we've earned a takeaway!

Em x

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