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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Craft Swap! Here's what I sent..........

I have recently been involved in a craft swap on a forum I use.........it was fab!

The forum member I crafted for received these from me:

A sock monkey for her 5 year old son - I'm actually going to be making a few of these now, I want to make one for my daughter, and also for a friend or two <3
Instructions from here: http://www.craftbits.com/project/sock-monkey

A pair of baby shoes for her 6 month old daughter.....using the following crafty instructions:
The soles are leather, the top is cotton & there is a felt lining

An embellished photo frame for her 13 year old daughter
I simply used an ikea basic frame & then with a hot glue gun I adhered some mirror tiles & red buttons

And for the recipient herself I made the following (with the knowledge that she loves frames & patchwork!)

I found a brand new in packet photo frame in the charity shop for £2.00 & added a misxture of silver, pink & lilac buttons for effect using my hot glue gun

Patchwork Cushion - the cushion cover has a plain pink envelope back (using the same fabric as the darker pink plain squares used on the front), the fabric choice itself was a last minute thing, as I ordered some fabric from ebay which I am still waiting for - its been over 10 days since I paid for it & the seller posted it last Monday - however, it has still not landed on my doorstep.
I raided my fabric stash & used some plain cotton fabric & some remnants from other projects plus some fabric samples from John Lewis - the flower is made from leather with a button centre......what do you think?

All of the above are 'first attempts' - each is something I have not attempted before - clearly I have made cushion covers before, however, I have never quilted!

Em x

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