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Sunday, 30 May 2010

I haven't been great at keeping in touch have I ?!

Wowsers - I have been AWOL from this blog since last September!! Thats 8 months......so where am I now?

Well, I am now 7 months pregnant (yikes!) and I am pleased to say I have been ever so busy with orders for my MadeByEm.co.uk items too. I have been selling actively through Staacks (a lovely little 'UK handmade' art gallery/ shop in our village) and also on both my MadeByEm site (which diverts to fabricbags.org.uk) and my Facebook page......find me here:


Christmas was sewing madness!! I made so many orders I was literally sewing at every quiet opportunity (Note: with a 3 year old this was mainly evenings & whilst she was at pre-school) - I finished my last order at 11.30pm on 23rd December & got my next order when the shop re-opened on 28th Dec!! Amazing!!

I have slowly run out of bags in stock on the website, although there is still stock in the shop, so I need to move that up the agenda soon - I am busy at the moment making some non-personlised stock to sell in the shop whilst I take some time out to have baby #2......that way I may still get some money for nappies whilst adjusting to family life with a 3 year old & a newborn.

Must try harder to keep this blog up to date!

Em x

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